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Fancy Becoming a Working Actor?

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My Approach

I have been leading class work, workshops and giving one-on-one classes since 2018. This includes both in-person and online classes in drama, film and movement. I have teaching experience from NY (PPAS) and Budapest. I have also taken courses in acting and coaching.

I believe in combining lessons that boost one's CREATIVITY, PLAYFULNESS, and ACADEMIC knowledge with PRACTICAL SKILLS and tricks of the industry. Being aware of trends in film, audition requirements and building your one-person business as an actor are just as important as constructing characters and understanding the arc of a scene. 


During our TRIAL CLASS, we discuss your specific needs, if there is a project or an audition we are preparing for. We also talk about prior experience in acting, if any. We discuss blocks and obstacles you might have faced. I am YOUR GUIDE through every modul and task, always happy to answer questions.

Then we dive straight into work. All CLASSES are PRACTICAL and come with IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

We learn how to shut distractions out, maintain concentration, remove creative blocks, ignite self-motivation, stay present and relaxed while in character. We start off by deepening your awereness about your BODY and BREATH (1st).

From the body we shift to the mind. MENTAL PREPARATION is just as important as embodying a character. From this relaxed and focused state, in awareness of the body-mind connection, we start building the given CHARACTER (2ND). We use both METHOD and MEISNER techniques, focusing on building both the physicality and the emotional life of the part. 

We do improvisations, build the character's history, find your "way" into the part. Only then comes the TEXT (3RD). Words always come last, once the character is already "alive" and has a world to exist and act in. Together, we analyze and break down the text.

While working on your craft as an actor is our priority, we will also have time dedicated to answering your questions regarding the FILM INDUSTRY.