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Hello! I'm Dóra, a writer-director-educator.

I am affiliated with sdc, ifta and the Young Vic's Creators Program and I'm a voting member of Film Independent (Spirit Awards). WITH MY TEAM, WE OFFER VIDEO SERVICES in New York and Budapest. See samples of our work here.

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My Story

I've honed my skills in media and international communications at the Metropolitan University Budapest and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in Florence and New York. Additionally, I trained in theatre and film at LSTFI, New York. I have also done courses in Children's Human Rights (University of Geneva), and trainings in Leadership (Cazalla Intercultural, Spain) and Inclusion (Council of Europe, France).

Over the past seven years, my artistic journey as a writer-director has taken me to Italy, Hungary, and the USA. During this time, I've directed an array of projects, from musicals and devised theatre pieces to Off-Broadway productions, a touring show, commercials, image and promotional videos, music videos, and short films. You can explore some of my creative projects right here.

My work has earned recognition at festivals like the Paris Film Awards, Sidewalk Film Festival, Portland Comedy Film Festival, and California Women's Film Festival. I have been featured in publications including CanvasRebel, Glamour and Index.
For further press releases click here.

As a writer, I have worked on screenplays, research papers, interviews, reviews and articles. I have been contributing to the work of magazines such as Marie Claire, MovieWeb, The Immigrant Managazine, Sustainable Business Magazine and Grand Prix 247. Since 2022, I have been the head writer of the film column at Art Here Art Now.

In 2022, I ventured into children's literature with the release of my first book, "Magical Meadows: Rhymes and Mindfulness Exercises." The revised version of my book's 2nd edition comes out May, 2024. 

Beyond my artistic pursuits, I wholeheartedly support the UN's Plant-for-the-Planet initiative—a global movement dedicated to restoring forest ecosystems to combat the pressing issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. I frequently volunteer with UNICEF and help NGOs execute their video projects and campaigns through Catchafire. Since 2024, I have been also contributing to the pioneering work of Platic Pollution Coalition.


As a stage director, I was nominated for The Barbara Whitman Award and have been invited as a filmmaker-speaker to the Critical Youth Work EU Conference (May 2024, Weimar) and selected as an artist in residency by Kulturscio's KulturFactory (August 2024, Naples)

Thank you for being part of my creative journey.

Warm regards,



My team and I are always up for new and exciting collaborations. Let's connect!

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