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Kids deserve a comforting and nurturing book companion, especially in today’s rat race.

Life is rapid, overloaded with impulses and pressure. Consequently, children oftentimes develop a high level of restlessness, deconcentration and even anxieties. 

Magical Meadows - Sneak Peak


From soothing and funny to loving and surreal, rhythmic rhymes and colorful illustrations take families on a journey from lushing gardens to space stations, from underground tunnels to enchanted forests.

Through a series of short poems, mindfulness games and exercises children learn about body awareness, breathing techniques and the importance of self-love and gratefulness.

This relaxing yet entertaining book is the perfect buddy for holidays, hiking trips or lazy afternoons spent in the living room. Mindfulness walks awaken us to the beauty of our surroundings while rhymes are there to talk about invaluable values or simply to amuse us.

Magical Meadows - Sneak Peak

Schools Introducing
"Magical Meadows"
to their Students

  • Városligeti Magyar-Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola (Budapest, Hungary)

  • Csik Hago Hungarian School (Palatine, IL)

  • Montessori Day Camps (Various, Denmark)



Magical Meadows empowers children and their carers by opening a door to the beautiful garden we all have within us and which deserves to be grown and nurtured.

Get ready to meet an old shepherd stuck in a storm, five fiercely competitive tomato plants and a graceful goose lady with a sweet tooth.

Families will love reading and exploring this book over and over again.

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