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Buzz in the Biz

Launching your career in film?
Learn how to navigate the industry and sell your project with confidence.

Dora Endre

The film industry might be overwhelming at first. Too much information, and few reliable sources to turn to. Rarely any useful business or marketing classes at art schools.

Knocking on doors to gain some insight. Running from an entertainment lawyer to a bookkeeper, from a paralegal to an agent. Feeling like a ball that is being juggled? As a writer-director, I have been there, done that.

After years of frustration, loads of negative experiences and a number of business and law courses taken, I have now collected and organized the most important things I had learned so far. This includes such aspects as: marketing, entertainment law, distribution and trends in 2023.

A thorough webinar and a completely free PDF guide to essential film biz terminology. Simple, linear, practical. 

I will help you go from feeling confused to navigating the biz with confidence.
Retrieve your anchors and sail your boat!


“Dora has provided me with tremendous insight and useful tools. I immediately felt a change in my mindset. Now, I can tackle projects with more belief in myself. Now, I know how to negotiate on my behalf, what to look out for.”

Sophie Vincent, Filmmaker-Actress

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