Dora is a director (SDC, AWD) with an extensive educational background in theatre and film (Certificate at LSTFI, NY), as well as media and international communications (BA at METU Budapest and Erasmus+ Scholarship in Padua) and filmmaking (Certificates at NYFA, Florence and NY). She is also a member of the Young Vic's Creators Program (UK).

For the past 6 years, she has contributed to the work of theatre and film production companies as a director, writer, editor, artistic director and producer. She made a number of internationally acclaimed projects in Italy, Hungary and in the USA. Dora has directed musicals, pieces of movement theatre, comedies, Off-Broadway and touring shows as well as commercials, music videos and short movies.


Dora has been featured in publications including Marie Claire, Holes & Corners and Index. 

Companies she has previously worked for include: Spier Kft (Budapest), Cipriani Couture (Florence), RIFS (Rome), Limetta 5 Productions (Positano), Marshall Hall Productions (NY), Rockit Productions (NY), Knowledge Workings Theatre (NJ) and June Productions (NY).

Currently she contributes to the work of Stewed Productions, CRC Media, Art Here Art Now, Buckmaster Productions teaches at PPAS, gives private classes and occasionally freelances on the side.


Dora writes for MovieWeb and is the head writer of the film column at Art Here Art Now. Her film reviews can also be found on She also publishes academic research in the fields of media and film.


Since 2020 many of her poems and short stories have been published in printed form. Besides writing her own movies, she works on scripts for North American and European production companies. 


Film credits include but are not limited to: Nyctalopia, Haze, Sweet and Sour, Back Home, Modern Love, Pieces as well as spots for Cipriani Couture and Vodafone.

Stage credits include but are not limited to: My Name is Rachel Corrie (Off-Broadway show and tour of education in Central Europe), The Motherf**ker with the Hat (NY, Off-Broadway), Synthesis (Budapest), Eve's Apartment (Queens, NY), Negative Space (New Jersey), Grudges (NY, and Zoom) and Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons (Budapest, and Zoom).

As a stage director Dora is nominated for the Barbara Whitman Award 2022.